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Welcome to Victubia! Victubia is an alternate universe where a lot of youtubers live and share adventures together. Created by Gabbi/Gabrielle Nilsson
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PostSubject: DeadShotKitty   Thu Jan 22, 2015 2:11 pm

Oh, well, I didn't think this would involve the little fan peoples! I am also still new to Victubia.
I'm DeadshotKitty, Deadshot, Kitty, or DK. I meant to have a YouTube channel, but all that it will ever amount to is me and my friends' podcast animations, a little gaming, and, on my part, a lot of rage. We are as random as Roosterteeth, but we haven't started uploading since we are all in university ^^'. Though, I am known to contribute to YouTubers and the charities they support. I've been subscribed to Yamimash and Markiplier, debating subscribing to Cry, and I buy their merch (just bought a BoyInABand shirt! Excited to get it!) and donate to any charity things. I tweet Wade (LordMinion777) a lot and Snapchat with Bob aka Muyskerm. Yamimash tends to acknowledge me on Twitch and Raed has on YouTube, and the guys from Town Of Salem love me haha! I hope I get to help and work with more people in the years to come and hopefully convince Yami to come to the US more :p (he told me he doesn't like leaving the UK too much) Thanks for welcoming me!
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