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Welcome to Victubia! Victubia is an alternate universe where a lot of youtubers live and share adventures together. Created by Gabbi/Gabrielle Nilsson
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 A Basic Guide

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PostSubject: A Basic Guide   Wed Jan 15, 2014 4:09 am

Hello and welcome to Victubia, I am your Tour Guide, Tippity.
Victubia is a rich, plentiful land, ruled by her majesty Queen Minx. If you look to the hillside in the distance on your left, you will see her castle. The Castle of Victubia is renowned for it's excellent defenses and has been standing for more than 400 years. The Queen shares her accommodations with her many work staff, as well as her sole adviser and fiancee Lady Krism.

And if you look right you can see the infamous Late Night Bar. Famous for being open all hours and the many beverages the bartenders concoct. And yes, it is owned by THE Late Night Crew. To those new to the area, The Late Night Crew is a famous group of magicians - each known for their powerful use of magic. And no, I'm afraid you can't join, it's very exclusive. The only members being Lord Cry, Sir Russ, Lady Red, Sir Jund and Sir Snake, but you can visit the bar as regularly as you like.

Speaking of the Late Night Crew, Victubia is also home to the VMA and it's sister the VA. The VMA is famous for training the talents of the Late Night Crew and many others, it is the most respected Magic Academy in all the land, the Victubia Academy is also a well established place of education for those who aren't so Magi.

Victubia is host to some of the most popular personalities in...well... in Victubia. If you look now Lord Pewdiepie and Lady Marzia's house is ahead of us. They are very new to the city, however that doesn't mean they aren't popular. As a Paranormal Investigator, Pewdiepie is always on the look out for any supernatural goings on in the city! However it seems he doesn't look far... as most supernatural goings on come to him! As for Lady Marzia, despite being new to the city, she has quickly become that of a fashion icon. She sells her own brand of clothing and accessories. You'll find her boutique 'CutiePie' opposite the Late Night Bar.

Ah yes, we are now passing Toasty Towers; the printing place of Toasty News, which delivers the latest news everyday to the people of the city. Toasty Towers is also the home of Lord Ken, the main reporter of Toasty News. Ken specializes in Paranormal Journalism, and not many say they can. If there's something spooky or a hot scoop, Ken will always be there to document it.

This does conclude our tour, now please sit back, relax and enjoy the idyllic land of Victubia.
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A Basic Guide
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