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Welcome to Victubia! Victubia is an alternate universe where a lot of youtubers live and share adventures together. Created by Gabbi/Gabrielle Nilsson
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 I'm introducing myself?...Now...Now? Okay..Um Hello

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PostSubject: I'm introducing myself?...Now...Now? Okay..Um Hello   Tue Aug 12, 2014 6:17 am

Hello Lovelies, it is I Skyfilms but many people simply title me as Sir Sky or simply Sky.

Um...Um...*Plays with hands trying to think of what to say*
I've been roleplaying for awhile and I find a lot of joy in it, playing as someone else. It's a far more exciting escape to make your own tale and I love it.
As well I love making friends, so don't be shy darling message me. Smile
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I'm introducing myself?...Now...Now? Okay..Um Hello
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